NBG Sport

NutraQ Adds NBG® Sport to its All-Star Nutramunity™ Line-Up

NutraQ, a Norwegian supplier of premium baker’s yeast beta-1,3/1,6-glucan ingredients and finished products, has announced the addition of NBG® Sport to the Nutramunity™ line-up. Backed by the Informed-Sport® and Informed-Choice® accreditation, the new ingredient was designed to meet the quality standards of sports nutrition manufacturers. NBG® Sport is suitable for sports foods, beverages and supplements.

“The addition of NBG Sport to our beta-glucan range enables NutraQ to better serve the dynamic sports nutrition market and complements our strong position in the food and beverage, nutraceutical and personal care sectors.” said Simon Seward, Commercial Director at NutraQ. 

A Well-Balanced Immune System is the key to Better Performance

A well-functioning immune system is crucial for athletic performance as well as for an active lifestyle. Yet, exercise in itself has impact on the immune function. Research has shown that intensive exercise suppresses the immune system, compromising the body’s ability to defend itself.

Nutramunity™ helps support healthy immune function, so both athletes and gym goers can recover faster from exercise stress. Studies have demonstrated the oral intake of beta-1,3/1,6-glucan:

  • Improves immune function
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory response
  • Supports mucosal immunity and promotes respiratory health

Product Description & Application

NBG® Sport is a dry, light, fluffy powder with minimum purity of 75 %. It disperses well in foods and beverages and has a 5-year shelf life. The ingredient is stable under physical and chemical conditions relevant for use in supplements, foods & beverages.

NBG® Sport is versatile and can complement any sports nutrition range. The ingredient is suitable for all sports nutrition product formats including dietary supplements, pre-mixed and powdered beverages, capsules, stick packs, gels as well as functional sports foods and bars.

Quality & Safety

NBG® Sport is naturally-derived, non-GMO, kosher- and halal-certified, non-allergenic, GMP-produced, GRAS, EU Novel Food authorized. The ingredient is certified by Informed-Choice® and Informed-Sport®. This assures manufacturers that NBG® Sport is tested for banned substances and can be safely added to sports nutrition products.

Pricing and Availability

NBG® Sport is exclusively available in North America through AIC, Inc. Enquiries may be sent via www.aicma.com or phone 800-238-0001 (toll free).

About Nutramunity™

Nutramunity™ Beta-Glucan (NBG®) is a versatile immune health ingredient for sports nutrition, food & beverages and dietary supplements. Nutramunity™ may also be used as a cosmetic ingredient in personal care products. Nutramunity™ is a beta-1,3/1,6-glucan, a potent and safe immune-enhancing component isolated from baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that helps support healthy immune function. Nutramunity™ is naturally-derived, non-GMO, kosher and halal-certified, non-allergenic, GMP-produced, Informed-Sport® and Informed-Choice®-certified, and EU Novel Food-authorized. Yeast beta-1,3/1,6-glucan is US FDA GRAS-recognized. Learn more at www.nutramunity.com.

About AIC

AIC is an ISO-registered sales and marketing company serving the North American market with food & beverage, nutrition, pharma, personal care and biotech raw materials since 1972. AIC also carries a complete line of biochemical products including DNA/RNA Synthesis Reagents and ACS Reagents through our Advanced Technology Division. Learn more at www.aicma.com.


Gilbia Portela, Marketing Manager, NutraQ, +47 219-50-748 / +47 481-01-798, gilbia.portela@nutraq.com

Sean Warnock, Development Manager, AIC Inc., +1 614-787-6392, sw@aicma.com