Algalif Assumes Sana Pharma Holding’s Beta-glucan Business

As part of Sana Pharma Holding’s restructuring, the Nutramunity™ Beta-Glucan ingredient range will be commercialized by Algalif, an Icelandic-based microalgae business-to-business ingredient supplier.

Sana Pharma Holding, an international player with businesses in ingredient manufacturing, food supplements, medical devices, and over-the-counter medicines, announced a reorganization of its operations to better focus on core activities that are expected to drive long-term growth.

Algalif will commercialize Sana Pharma’s beta-glucan business and the Nutramunity™ Beta-Glucan brand (NBG®). NutraQ will focus solely on business-to-consumer activities.

Both NutraQ and Algalif are still part of the Sana Pharma business group headquartered in Oslo, Norway.