Whitepaper: The World of Beta-Glucans – How Come They`re Not All the Same?


Beta-glucan from baker’s yeast has been in use as an immune-promoting dietary supplement for almost 20 years, and has gradually become attractive worldwide as a functional ingredient in various food and beverage products because of its positive effects on immune health.

The vast amount of scientific research demonstrating the effect, mode of action and excellent safety of beta-glucan from baker’s yeast, makes it the natural choice for food manufacturers wishing to fortify their products.

Despite this, there seems to be some confusion in the market place as to why and how this particular beta-glucan differs from beta-glucans from other sources. In this paper, we will guide you through the features of and differences between beta-glucans from fungi, algae, oat and barley.

Published: 20/01/2017
Format: application/pdf